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Support the leaders of today and tomorrow.

We offer career and leadership development training in a safe space where women and teens come together to align careers with passion and purpose, embrace authenticity and transparency in positions of power and influence, and replace greed and corruption with heart-centered leadership.


The world needs more emotionally intelligent, self-assured humans.


Raising the Leaders of Tomorrow


Nearly 900,000 Maryland families earn just above the federal poverty level. They work hard but struggle to cover basic expenses. Our work provides consistent mentorship to young people and it makes a difference.


“Self-discovery. I didn’t care much about myself. Now I realize I am much more than dirt.” - Gals Lead Feedback


Our clubs impact a child's ability to love themselves, manage themselves, and step up as leaders. Your donation makes our work possible in schools across Maryland with the kids that need it the most.


Supporting the Leaders of Today


Our is a special place for positive, passionate, purpose-filled women who want to share personal and professional celebrations and set desires and intentions with a supportive community. We host events across Southern Maryland and virtually. These are safe spaces for personal and professional development and connections.


Leaders of all kinds are welcome, whether you're a SAHM, business owner, project lead, or advocate. Recurring donations or $20 or more give you access to this community while supporting our youth programs. 

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