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You are a Dream Queen

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Who is A Dream Queen?

She is you. She is me. She is an essence living inside every woman She is the leader of her destiny. She is showing the way for the next generation. She is timeless, elegant, and unencumbered by societal restrictions, norms, and pressures. She is you. She is me.

She is that very part of ourselves that we long to better understand.

She is the distant voice that says, “you deserve to have it all”. She is that part of us that longs for that which she has not yet found. She is desire. She is beautiful. She is that little girl inside who wants everything the world has to offer. She is the whispering of your soul and the beating of your heart. She is the unrest and uneasiness that keeps you awake at night. She is the very woman you so desire to become.

A Dream Queen. She comes to visit you when you least expect it. She comes to unravel what you have known to be. She comes with such velocity that sometimes she terrifies you. She comes to bring out the very best inside of you. She brings with her the pleasures of life. She brings with her the greatest wisdom from your soul. She brings with her every desire of your heart.

You are a Dream Queen

She shows up in the face of another woman. She is represented by the many dreams you’ve held that have come to pass. She stares back at you. She is the woman you yearn to be. She is the woman you fear. She is the woman who will stop at nothing to have the life of her dreams. She is you.

A Dream Queen is a teacher. She is a friend. She is a partner. She is everything you require. She will take you to the next level in your life. She will transform your world. She is the true voice of reason. She will allow your soul to soar. She is greatness. She is necessary for the journey.

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