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What Changes with the Rebrand?

With every rebrand comes the opportunity for organizational changes. The Life Atlas Foundation is moving towards aligning all of its soon-to-be four programs to mirror and support each other. Here’s a taste of what is to come:

Dream Queen Networking Group 🡒 Life Atlas Leader Community

Our networking program has always been a place to form deep connections with other purpose-first business owners and community leaders. It is a place to grow professionally and personally. We hold space for the highs and the lows of leadership. Along the way, we may find great clients. It is more than networking; it is a community.

With this evolution, the Dream Queen Association has been renamed the Life Atlas Leader Community. In addition to our weekly Tuesday meetings, we will host quarterly mixers. The members of the community will also be afforded more benefits, including a member directory. Join the next Leader Connection near you.

Gals Lead Welcomes the Compass Club

Gals Lead is our flagship program where middle and high school girls rise to their fullest, most authentic potential. This program is a mix of acceptance, visualization, action planning, and cheerleading. Through it, we have helped hundreds of girls. It is here to stay!

The Gals Lead Clubs will keep lifting up girls but we are also adding a gender-fluid companion club: The Compass Club. This is a teen mentorship program that provides the same amazing curriculum without an emphasis on gender. The world needs empathetic, resilient, persistent humans to solve its biggest challenges, no matter their preferred pronoun. We are honored to prepare them to lead as well. Know a teen who might want to join? Shoot us an email and tell us what school they attend.

Certified Facilitator Academy Expands to Open Enrollment

The Certified Facilitator Academy is where great leaders learn to be great facilitators and mentors. Holding space for community and personal development is both an art and a science. This training is required learning for all of our Gals Lead and Compass Club facilitators. In the past, it was only available to new Gals Lead facilitators. It is now open to any leader who wants to become a better facilitator and mentor. The one-day, 8-hour training will prepare you for difficult conversations, identify your learning and teaching style, how to set boundaries, and more. Interested in certification?

The world needs more positive, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent leaders. The Life Atlas Foundation is on a mission to teach and hold space for leaders, no matter where they are in their lives. We want to cultivate great leaders that become mentors so that we can create a ripple effect that changes our communities and the world.

The Foundation envisions a time when our way of thinking, creating space, and communicating will be the norm, and I hope you’ll continue to join us along the way.

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