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Living in Gratitude + News

Over the last few months, I have suffered several losses of lives and relationships. But during during each these circumstances, I was uplifted and supported by our tribe. I am grateful to know there is a Dream Queen Tribe that I can depend on to assist through this process and tough times.

When I think about the circumstances I have been faced with, I know others are having similar experiences. The issues I face are common for all our lives. What I have learned, and would like to share with you, is how I have found my way through it all.

I have made the choice to focus on everything I am grateful for in my life instead of on the losses. I am grateful for the support I’ve received from my friends and family. I am grateful to our tribe of volunteers who have not only assisted me, but uplifted me, when I needed them most.

The most significant loss was of my Aunt Betty. She was such a special person and I truly enjoyed talking to her. I used to call her when I needed to chat, and she always listened and prayed with me. She was a giving and grateful person. During one conversation on her last days, she told me everything she is grateful for. She never asked, "why me?" or lost her positivity. She found gratitude in the darkest days of her life. She left this world in peace. I want to live by her example and never sit in my negativity. I want to appreciate everything I have, no matter how insignificant.

Our final conversation had a lasting effect on my perspective and I hope her grace during her last days will also help others to see beyond their circumstances and make the decision to be grateful. I have worked to change the way I talk to myself and to live in a space of gratitude. She brought this skill I am working on to life in a profound way. When the days are dark, and I am in a negative head space, I begin small with what I am grateful for, from the food on my plate, to running water and the roof over my head. Soon my mood is lifted, and I can move forward with grace.

This process of living a life in gratitude is tough and it’s hard to be present with those we love. I challenge you to take the time to call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them, look around your surroundings and find what you are grateful for, and listen to your internal monologue to work on changing the way you speak to and about yourself. After time, you will find your mind becomes at ease, the challenges seem less devastating, and you will create joy within yourself.

Thank you all for reading and listening and growing with us. We are all equally works in progress and whole and complete. Everyday we can choose to be a better version of ourselves. When we lead by example, we spread positivity in each other’s lives. What a wonderful way to live!

Facilitator Training Recap

On Sept. 17, Maryanna Lanham, Program Manager, and Kathleen Stark, LMSW Facilitator Coach, hosted their first in-person facilitator training in more than two years due to COVID. We were happy to have six new facilitators participate in the one day, eight- hour training. The cohort included women from Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Charles Counties. The women went through the vetting process before they were enlisted in the class. Our Logistical volunteer Djuna Brizzi worked with Maryanna to make sure the new facilitators had the newest edition of the printed facilitator guide, food and snacks, as well as create the space above that helped to encourage sharing and learning.

The feedback received from the facilitators who participated was very positive and they felt this was great leadership training. Maryanna did have technological issues with the online learning platform, and the women took this missing piece with grace and ease. They didn’t complain and only pushed through to get the most out of the day they were experiencing.

The Dream Queen Foundation is hosting another training day on October 29. We are searching for a larger location due to the amazing women who have applied to work within our clubs that we have already outgrown the Encounter Christian Center’s meeting room.

Maryanna Talks About Becoming a Great Leader

The Her Version Podcast is an American Podcast that provides bold story telling in order to inspire, uplift and give hope to those struggling today.

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